How ideas take shape

Each phase of the realization is the result of careful analysis by specialists in the sector, who with their experience work with meticulous attention to detail and using cutting-edge machinery. Great importance is given to the delicate phase of the tests, in order to always guarantee a product with optimal conditions.

Attention to detail

Main feature is given by the materials used, strictly MADE IN ITALY, on which is based all the production of NICOLAQUINTO®, in order to offer its customers a wide range of high quality upholstery and craftsmanship.

The structure is the heart of a sofa, which is why its composition is one of the most important elements that guarantees quality, strength and durability over time.

All the NICOLAQUINTO® sofas are composed of a solid beech or fir wood frame, thus ensuring the sealing of the springing system to mechanical stress and preserving it from molds caused by time. The parts external to the frame are covered with buffer panels made of plywood. Everything is assembled either with steel staples or using only water-based vinyl glue, which guarantees the effectiveness of gluing and is composed of elements that are not harmful to health.

All the upholstery of the sofas and armchairs of NICOLAQUINTO® are entirely made of eco-friendly materials that are not harmful to health. To ensure softness and comfort, either the fiber staple or the different density polyurethane foam is used which, although it is an artificial material, is non-toxic, because it does not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and has a low environmental impact. The choice of a padding rather than another is logically dictated by the design of the realization itself.

All the sofas and armchairs of NICOLAQUINTO® can be covered in REAL LEATHER and FABRIC, with the possibility to decide to use a single covering or to choose the double combination for structure and cushions, different in material and color. The common denominator of all coatings is the high quality and craftsmanship strictly MADE IN ITALY.

Exposing our thinking

NICOLAQUINTO® has always paid special attention to international markets, which is why trade fairs represent a moment of great importance for company growth. Every year it is present, with its own stands, at the most important events dedicated to the world of furniture, exposing to the general public all the news that enrich the collections.

Made in Italy, distributed worldwide